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    انواع الذخيرة من شركة Beeman العالمية

    galal khalifa

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    انواع الذخيرة من شركة Beeman العالمية

    مُساهمة من طرف galal khalifa في الأربعاء ديسمبر 29, 2010 8:57 pm

    كل سنة وانتم طيبين بمناسبة العام الجديد
    امس كنت كتبت مشاركة عن انواع الرش من شركة ديانا واليوم سوف نكمل هذة الحلقات من الشركات العالمية واليكم الانواع

    Beeman H&N Match and Hi-Speed Match
    Competitive shooters from around the world recognize the German firm Haendler & Natermann as the leading pellet manufacturer. That's why H&N pellets have won nearly every medal in Olympic and International competition, and set several world records. That is also why we have been granted the exclusive United States distributorship for their pellets. The H&N Match is a wadcutter that is one of the most accurate pellets on the market due to the tight tolerances and strict quality control. Excellent for use in match airguns, as well as for sporting uses. Many hunters prefer the wadcutter due to the impact of the flat head and the rather limited penetration. Weight variation is significantly less than other match pellets on the market.

    The Hi-Speed Match is a very similar pellet designed to give significantly higher velocities. They are especially useful for bringing pistols up to their maximum potential. Be sure to do some experimental shooting; some rifles will prefer the Hi-Speed pellets and some pistols will shoot the H&N Match better. Both models are competition grade.

    Beeman Laser Sport -- At first glance you will see that this pellet looks identical to the Beeman H&N Match. The Laser Sport does not have quite as tight the tolerances that the H&N Match does, so we can pass on the cost savings to you! They will still shoot quite well for all but the most strict target shooting uses. These pellets are proof positive that identical appearing pellets, under different labels, are not the same! Only available in .177 caliber. Pointed

    Beeman Silver Arrow

    This heavy pellet is best used with the most powerful airguns. Although the heavy weight will lower the velocity they will shoot with greater stability and impact. The triple rings seal the pellet into the bore, and helps lead to less in-flight wobble.

    Beeman Silver Sting

    One of the most popular pellets in our line due to the simple design that produces results out in the field. Outstanding and well balanced, the Silver Sting has a larger waist that apparently provides greater stability and better air flow than the thinner waisted copies. Very efficient, this pellet retains much of its energy for 30 yards and beyond. Note the gentle slope of the rear side of the pellet, a shape which produces less turbulence than the sharply undercut head found on other brands.

    top Beeman Ram Point

    Available only in .25 caliber, the Ram Point offers exceptional knock down power for both field uses as well as informal shooting fun. The head was specially designed to give a combination of excellent ballistics, penetration, and accuracy.

    Hollow Point
    Beeman Silver Bear

    A true classic, this was the very first hollow point airgun pellet ever designed, and remains the best known today. Over two years in development, the Silver Bear gives excellent expansion; in magnum guns it just gets larger and larger on impact! Even guns of lower power can benefit from the forward cup which was designed to allow for maximum impact, even at velocities too low for expansion. The head is unique with the sharp edge that can cut a clean hole in a paper target or catch the edge of a silhouette - it could be considered a semi-wadcutter. A lightweight pellet in all but the .25 caliber, the Silver Bear will allow for higher velocities. Great for field uses, or just informal shooting.

    top Beeman Crow Magnum

    We designed the Crow Magnum pellet for those shooters who wanted a heavier hollow point with a gigantic forward expansion cup. A key objective of the new design was to provide exceptional stability, and thus long range accuracy for the higher power adult airguns on the market. A yawning mouth and greater forward weight was included resulting in one of the world's most accurate field pellets. In independent testing, a .25 caliber Crow Magnum pellet recovered from a feral pigeon had nearly doubled in size to .41 caliber when shot at 25 yards! Easily one of the most unique pellets we have ever designed, the Crow Magnum was bestowed a Product Award of Merit by American Firearms Industry magazine.

    Round Nose
    Beeman Ram Jet

    Named after the desert ram silhouette that is shot at 45 yards (about the size of two quarters). The Ram Jet was designed with the competitions of silhouette and field target in mind, but has found an equal home in the airguns of hunters and "plinkers." The round nose allows for minimal forward air resistance and the pellet has an exceptional lack of yaw and drift, even in unstable air. The semi-wadcutter edge will catch and knock down a target, even with a glancing blow, and the heavily weighted nose adds to the knock-down power. Tom Holzel, author of the Air Rifle Hunters Guide and an independent airgun hunting and ballistics expert selects the Ram Jet as the "pellet of choice" in .20 caliber.

    Beeman Bearcub

    Although this is an entry price point for a Beeman pellet, it is superior to all other economy pellets. Available in both .177 and .22 calibers this pellet is good for overall shooting uses, from backyard fun to some small game hunting or pest control. A medium weight model that should perform well in all airguns. Give it a try and see for yourself.

    Beeman Silver Ace

    A long time Beeman favorite. It has long range accuracy and impact. The triple rings around the head and the skirt design are the same as on the Silver Arrow and offer the same advantages. The head has only a slight roundness to it, many would consider it almost a wadcutter which makes it a hunters favorite due to the higher weight than many flat nose models but still offering a limited penetration. Try the Silver Ace when experimenting with the different pellets at various distances. It is sure to become one of your top performers.

    Beeman Kodiak
    A favorite for field target shooters. As one of the world's heaviest pellets the Kodiak has a tremendous amount of inertia that delivers super impact on those hard to knock down targets. The great weight also provides good wind resistance and is more efficient in the higher powered airguns and the pre-charged pneumatics such as the Beeman Mako air rifle. The head is very conical in shape, like a rounded point, providing outstanding aerodynamics.

    Menu Beeman Kodiak Match

    Knowledgeable airgunners know that the Kodiak pellet already gets the most efficiency out of magnum power airguns, and gives the best power far down range at the targets that are out 50 yards and beyond. This pellet is now available in selected, match lot marked batches for maximum accuracy. Dubbed the Kodiak Match, these pellets receive extra attention and care in manufacturing, have a super smooth surface all over, and are selected by test firing each batch. Available in .177 and .25 calibers only.

    Beeman Laser

    The world's lightest .177 caliber pellet, only 6.5 grains! This is to help boost the velocities in moderate powered airguns, and for those needs when the highest velocity is needed. Due to the extremely light weight, this pellet may not shoot accurately in the ultra-high powered air rifles as it can come out faster than the speed of sound and tumble in flight. A great choice for the Marksman, Crosman, or Daisy airguns on the market. The Laser is one of the standard pellets we use to measure velocity.

    Beeman Trophy

    Designed for long range accuracy for both hunting and target shooting, whether it's silhouette or field target. This round nosed pellet is our only 7.88 grain pellet in .177, which will be ideal for the shooter that wants the accuracy of the famed Kodiak Match, but with a lighter weight, flatter shooting projectile. This pellet will also work well in our pistols and lower powered rifles.

    ( Beeman Field Target Special (FTS

    Becoming a new favorite of field target shooters, this pellet was designed for long range accuracy for both hunting or target shooting. This mid-weight pellet has the accuracy of the Kodiak with a
    flatter trajectory

    galal khalifa

    عدد المساهمات : 604
    نقاط : 773
    السٌّمعَة : 4
    تاريخ التسجيل : 23/11/2010
    العمر : 54
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